Paul Strodike

Founder at Experto BDM Services

About Paul Strodike

Versatile professional, I excel in strategy planning, business operations review, transformation, and product management, including go-to-market planning. With a holistic approach, I drive organizational success through meticulous execution and innovative thinking. Ready to optimize your operations, launch successful products, and achieve strategic goals? Let's collaborate to elevate your business. Contact me to discuss how we can tailor solutions for your specific needs and objectives.

How It Works

Select a call time

Select a date and time from the Expert's available time slots.

Receive a calendar invite

After you have selected a date and time, after "Book" you will receive the meeting confirmation.

Hop on the call

You will connect via an SME Advice video/audio call at the scheduled time.

Common Questions

Can I reschedule or change my booked sessions?

Yes, If the expert can't make it, you can reschedule the meeting for a time that works for everyone.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions can be up to 60 minutes starting from 30 minutes.

How are mentoring sessions conducted?

All mentoring sessions take place online for your convenience and safety. We use a secure video/audio conferencing system built directly into our platform, so there's no need to download any additional software.